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Monday, 18 February 2019

HCM Technology


HCM Technology

Today’s human capital management technology is a volatile marketplace. No one provider dominates the market. Dozens of established vendors vie for your attention. Hundreds of niche, boutique, and specialty vendors offer solutions tailored to specific needs. Startups elbow in with new ideas, prompting established vendors to innovate.
What that means for you, the buyer, is a wealth of choices. By following a few well-established guidelines, you can arrive at the right solution for your business. You have a lot of decisions to make along the way, and you may need to make compromises. However, with the solutions available today, you do not have to compromise on what is important to your people.

Start with an Assessment

Before you can begin, you will need to evaluate your human capital strategy, which includes alignment with your organization’s purpose, culture, and business strategy.
The way HR does business is evolving. Technology has automated much of the tedious administrative work. HR leaders help business leaders make strategic workforce decisions, design and support the entire employee experience, and manage the systems that support their development. Decision-making is evolving from bench marking, “best practices,” and gut instinct guided by experience to data-driven analysis and prediction.
This new model requires a holistic approach to strategic alignment to build the right workforce and the systems that support its evolution.

Purpose, Culture, and Strategy

The best-performing organizations are aligned to a central purpose, with a strong culture that governs how people do business and interact with partners, customers, suppliers, and each other. And they have a well-defined strategy, aligned to their purpose.
Does that describe your organization? If not, do you want to use this opportunity to change it? If so, consider how your people strategy will support your efforts.

Strategic Alignment

Your human capital strategy aligns with the business in four ways:
  • Workforce strategy – the size, shape, and skills of  the workforce, now and in the future.
  • Talent strategy – how you acquire, nurture, develop and retain the right talent.
  • Technology strategy – the master plan for the organization’s digital future and how HCM technology fits into the picture.
  • Data analytics strategy – this may be a new discipline for HR, but it is becoming essential to supporting better talent decisions.If your organization doesn’t have a master data strategy, now might be the time to start a conversation.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Building Your Business Case for Human Capital Management Initiatives


G12_Building Your Business Case for Human Capital Management Initiatives.jpg
To some business leaders, people are an expense to be minimized. Getting approval to spend money on people programs can be a challenge.
These same business leaders are bombarded by industry experts to improve employee engagement, perks, and pay to improve their company’s performance. The wagging tongues tell them that their company will be more profitable if their employees are happier.
They leave it up to you to make the connection.

You can do this.

You don’t need a team of data scientists, and you don’t need a gaggle of consultants. The resources you need are in your organization.
Create a new conversation about people and performance by making the connection between people and performance in the language business leaders understand.
Download our free e-book:
Learn how you can get started now. We show you how to:
  • capitalize on the data and knowledge that already exists in your organization,
  • start with a low-risk, high-impact project to start building your momentum, and
  • Build credibility by having financial impact on the business.
Get your e-book here to start your journey to data-driven excellence.

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